SurvBase provides complete geomatics solutions for your project

  • SurvBase provides solid project basemapping - quickly and efficiently
  • SurvBase provides well organized geomatics products - complete, familiar, and easy to use
  • SurvBase understands engineering and land development projects - we deliver appropriate mapping and services
  • SurvBase has well respected boundary resolution and title expertise - no site control surprises
  • SurvBase has solid agency experience - DOT/PF, MOA PM&E, AWWU, DNR, ANTHC, COE, ARRC, BLM and many more
  • SurvBase is a strong addition to your project team

SurvBase, LLC, is an Alaskan geomatics solutions provider, based in Anchorage. SurvBase can deliver your surveying & mapping services and other geospatial requirements as well. SurvBase provides right-of-way, boundary, platting, topographic, control, construction staking, and basemapping services to the AEC community. SurvBase handles the geomatics component of projects allowing engineers, architects, and land planners to focus on other elements of their project. SurvBase founders John Kerr, PLS and Steve Buchanan, PLS have more than fifty years of combined Alaskan experience in both private and public sectors.

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