The Landmen – 2018 ASMC Keynote Presentation

"The Landmen – How They Secured the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Right-of-Way” a book by Armand Spielman and Michael Travis.

Michael Travis, PE, presented the 2018 Alaska Surveying & Mapping Conference Keynote entitled,  “The Landmen – How They Secured the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Right-of-Way,” a story about the first hurdle to the pipeline: No ROW = No Pipeline! 


Armand Spielman had no idea of the overwhelming task before him! It was March 1969 and Armand had accepted a temporary position as a landman for the company that would build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. His mission – acquire the project right-of-way so that crude oil would flow 800 miles from the oil-producing fields of Prudhoe Bay to the ice-free port of Valdez, where it would be shipped to West Coast refineries. Realizing the daunting undertaking, Armand recruited his longtime friend Jay Sullivan for help. Jay assembled an unlikely group of men who set out to do what some called impossible – out of a vast Alaska wilderness, secure agreements with an array of owners to build a pipeline above permafrost, under rivers, and over three rugged mountain ranges. This is their story.

Speaker: Michael Travis

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