Well Connected

SurvBase knows your clients. SurvBase professionals have been extensively involved with the Alaska survey community for 25+ years. The SurvBase professionals’ active involvement in education, professional societies, and community activities have built positive relationships with your clients. We’re here to stay.


SurvBase professionals have worked in both the private sector and the public sector. We have been surveying and mapping product consumers as well as producers. From proposal preparation through product delivery: SurvBase understands what’s needed and how to efficiently provide the required services and products.

Fully Digital

SurvBase uses digital field equipment where it is cost effective. The use of digital field equipment (GPS, robotic total stations, camera, and levels) increases production and reduces the potential for errors.

Production and Quality ControlAutomated Mapping Tools

SurvBase uses advanced feature and linework coding in the field (including break/fault lines), fully set-up template drawings, and comprehensive description key files. These techniques automate much of the topo basemapping process. This reduces costs by saving time and reducing errors. The SurvBase approach makes it possible for the field crew to easily build and check the raw topo basemap prior to leaving the project community. In remote locations, the field crew leaves after they see that the TIN and mapping meet project objectives.

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